High-voltage direct current (HVDC) is an increasingly important method for transferring large amounts of electrical power for the pan-European transmission grid. New HVDC connections have a key role in the future development plans of the European transmission grid; high reliability, availability, compatibility and robustness will be essential for the electricity market and system security.

To manage the future challenges and fulfil the needs of an efficient European interconnected energy market, as well as to keep high system security, it is essential that HVDC owners, in co-operation with other relevant HVDC stakeholders, focus on developing HVDC so that not only the technology but also processes, HVDC grid integration studies and maintainability performed by TSOs, with appropriate tools like models and control & protection (C&P) replicas, services and life-cycle aspects, are systematically addressed. As the European transmission system operators (TSOs) aim at ever-higher average availability and reliability levels, ENTSO-E strongly promotes a more efficient co-operation of all stakeholders to overcome the main challenges that today still may affect the success of HVDC as the fundamental building block to transport bulk power and support grids in future transmission systems.

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