In their joint position paper “Power to Gas - A Sector Coupling Perspective”, ENTSO-E and ENTSOG, the European associations of transmission system operators respectively for electricity and gas, call for scaling up the power conversion technologies to further explore its potential.

Key Messages:

  • To date, the electricity transmission grid and currently available technologies efficiently integrated renewable sources of electricity into the power system. The ongoing energy transition will require additional developments.

  • Power to Gas – and other P2X (e.g. Power to Liquid, Power to Heat, …) - may have the potential to reduce the cost of the decarbonized energy system in particular when the end consumption is either gas or other high value energy forms.

  • Scaling up of P2G technologies for exploring their industrialisation potential needs to start as of now.

  • The ENTSOs are cooperating in an open way to study the impact of foreseen technologies including Power to Gas onto grid planning.

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