​​ENTSO-E welcomes the debate to define a stable, clear and coherent 2030 energy policy framework. Early agreement on the 2030 framework will facilitate Europe’s transmission system operators’ (TSOs) planning, investment and operation of the power grid.

Carbon reduction and renewable energy source integration objectives will only be achieved if the right infrastructure is in place on time. In this context, ENTSO-E agrees with the importance the European Council places on infrastructure development for 2030 (21 March 2104) and with the conclusions of the informal Energy Council in Athens (16 May 2014).

For the full ENTSO-E position regarding:

  • Setting Infrastructure Targets

  • Meeting Infrastructure Challenges: Permitting and Financing of Investments

  • Network Codes and Market Development

Download: ENTSO-E position on the EU’s policy framework for climate and energy in the period from 2020 to 2030