The workshop focused on the European Industrial Initiative on the Electricity Grids (EEGI) and identified which functional domains of the EEGI need to be prioritized. The workshop also addressed the European regulatory framework with regards to Research, Development & Deployment (RD&D).

The outcome of the workshop and the results on mapping of transmission and transmission/distribution projects to the EEGI functional projects can be summarized as follows:

  • A significant amount of project work was carried out in advance of EEGI and should serve as building blocks for further EEGI work. These ongoing projects contribute to many of the functional projects identified in the EEGI. The extent to which all of the objectives are covered requires deeper analysis.
  • ENTSO-E and EEGI must coordinate and enhance knowledge sharing to avoid duplication of work, to coordinate and to enhance knowledge sharing.
  • The necessity to harmonize TSO R&D regulatory framework. R&D activities performed by the TSO’s should largely be covered by tariffs.
  • Additional projects exist that are not yet included in the project list. The need to regularly map work carried out was identified.

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