All interested vendors are kindly asked to submit the following information:

  • software/product to be tested;
  • the expected number of participants (ENTSO-E can limit the participation by vendor depending on expected overall number of participants. ENTSO-E can also limit vendors participation if too many vendors register for the IOP. In that case only vendors providing products for ENTSO-E TSOs will be admitted and/or the test procedure may be adapted).

contact information of all participants It is planned that the ENTSO-E IOP “CIM for System Development and Operations” in 2010 will test the following: �         Model Authority Sets (MAS) and file headers; �         Applying incremental exchange; �         Exchange of short-circuit data; �         Exchange of dynamic models (standard models, user-defined models, proprietary models); �         Exchange “operations to planning”. ENTSO-E CIM Interoperability Tests are necessary to demonstrate and verify the correctness of proposed changes in the IEC CIM standards and of the implementation by vendors. The general scope of the ENTSO-E IOP “CIM for System Development and Operations” covers all needs of system development and operations such as operational to operational exchanges, operational to planning, short circuit data, planning, dynamics exchanges and the interface with distribution. Specific data collection and data processes can also be tested. The goal is to allow and facilitate any kind of study in TSO’s scope: static analyses, dynamic studies, short circuit assessments, etc.; An overview of the schedule and the registration process for the ENTSO-E IOP “CIM for System Development and Operations” in 2010 can be accessed here. For any further questions on the ENTSO-E CIM IOPs, please contact the ENTSO-E Secretariat on