Stakeholder Interactions

Developing the ERAA relies on the contributions of many stakeholders to best understand how the system will develop. Gathering the views of policymakers, regulators and Member States, as well as electricity market participants, is crucial to informing the ERAA’s outlook. ENTSO-E has sought to involve a wide range of stakeholders from the start of the ERAA process, with substantial consultation during the development of our underlying methodologies. The Electricity Coordination Group, comprising experts from EU Member States, was further instrumental to informing the production of the ERAA.

Looking forward, ENTSO-E aims to give stakeholders even more opportunities to input to the next ERAA reports. As part of the development of the ERAA 2022, ENTSO-E will publish its baseline assumptions and scenarios in May 2022. This will be complemented by a dedicated webinar, allowing stakeholder feedback. A further webinar will accompany the publication of the ERAA 2022’s results in November. In addition to these fixed events, ENTSO-E will host ad-hoc webinars on methodological features of the ERAA including, for example, the EVA and how the ERAA accounts for DSR.

To make this information accessible and transparent for stakeholders, ENTSO-E will use this dedicated webpage to host recordings of relevant webinars and responses to stakeholder questions as well as other key information regarding the ERAA implementation process.