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Digitisation is affecting every aspect of our lives: from discussions on Clean Energy to Intelligent Buildings, Competitiveness to Electric Vehicles. It is a centre point of every discussion and a focal point for the future of industry. It is driving a growing part of our economy and the energy sector is no exception.

ENTSO-E is fully engaged in leveraging on the digital technology to foster even more cooperation and coordination in the European power system. This translates into pan-European IT platforms, research and innovation projects, a dedicated work stream with the distribution system operators, a series of publications and events and a digital strategy and committee within the association.


Green ambitions and digital promises – a power couple of the future

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Energinet and ENTSO-E are hosting the Digital Roundtable and it will take place in the foyer of the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, which is located a 15-minute walk from Eigtveds Pakhus where the Energy Infrastructure Forum and Clean Energy Ministerial are held. This way the conference participants can walk to the opening of the Energy Infrastructure Forum.

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24 May 2018


Foyer of the Opera
Ekvipagemestervej 10
DK-1438 Copenhagen

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9 May 2018

Digitisation is affecting all aspects of our lives. What’s in the ‘’Fourth industrial revolution‘’ for the power system and in particular the increasing role of networks of all kinds? How can digital contribute to a power system with less emissions?

What architecture is needed between local, national and European on digital, and in different parts of the power system value chain? How to protect critical networks against cyber-attacks? How can it help power markets increase Europe’s competitiveness?

How can digital make links between the different networks, support e-mobility, energy efficient & intelligent buildings? How can it link all parts of the system & engage consumers more in optimising their production and consumption of electricity?

Can digital help system operators to manage flexibility more efficiently and get ready for a more interconnected Europe?

What do we have to say on digitisation?

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Electricity Map


Live CO2 emissions of electricity consumption using data sourced from ENTSO-E transparency platform.

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Data visualisation detailing the share of wind in terms of electricity demand. Data is combined with data sourced from the ENTSO-E transparecy platform.

Our data platforms, data analytics and standardisation

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