Aggregation of industrial demand

Aggregation of industrial demand can increase participation in balancing and flexibility markets from large loads. This solution covers both proposals for new regulation for aggregators of industrial demand, criteria for market products and testing of the reliability of this type of flexibility solution. The solution also includes economic analysis and development of an IT-based aggregator platform.

Components & enablers

  • Market access for aggregators
  • Clearly defined role for aggregators
  • IT-based aggregator platform

State of the art in application and research

A FRR provision will be tested in accord with existing grid code in the OSMOSE project.

Congestion management technical requirements:

  • Every unit must be located in the same aggregation perimeter, defined by the TSO
  • A whole “virtual unit” must be able to increase or decrease its power consumption by at least 1 MW, and to maintain it for 120 minutes

Technology Readiness Level


OSMOSE (WP5) is preparing to do a demonstration on aggregated industrial demand in Italy.

Current focus of R&D and research gaps



[1] OSMOSE WP5. Deliverable D5.1, available here. [Link]

[2] OSMOSE WP5. Project overview. [Link]