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R&D Application Report 2014

​The R&D Application Report analyses the concrete impact of TSOs R&D projects. The report also analyses lessons learnt and the main barriers encountered by TSOs in their R&D activities. It allows stakeholders, notably regulators, to take stock of how TSOs R&D projects have led to the development of concrete solutions for a better functioning of the grid and for the support of Europe's energy transition.

European TSOs R&D projects have resulted in the achievements of many technological advances and improvements, including the demonstration and study of new power technologies.

Concrete applications of TSOs R&D can mainly be found in:

  • Technologies for high voltage direct-current integration and testing, dynamic line rating, flexible devices, grid structures, balancing fast winds in storm conditions, virtual power plants, and system services provided by renewable sources;
  • New training devices for system operation professionals; extra tools for system operation and market simulation which are used in different national dispatching centres.

TSOs R&D activities contribute to the definition of new R&D objectives and directions in the electricity sector in general.

The R&D Application report 2014 shows that TSOs R&D activities are following the European policy agenda and that TSOs are more and more working on joint projects. The report focuses on EU-funded and finished projects which include ANEMOS Plus, EWIS, ICOEUR, MERGE, OPTIMATE, PEGASE, REALISEGRID, TWENTIES and WINDGRID.

Download the R&D Application Report 2014

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