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EDI Work Products Library

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Work to standardise European EDI documents within the Common Information Model (CIM) of IEC TC 57 is in progress. ENTSO-E's Working Group EDI (WG EDI) prepares the documents necessary to inform stakeholders of the way that ENTSO-E recommendations and the future IEC 62325 standards will be managed.

WG EDI will ensure a smooth transition for the existing implementation guides. Regarding new work, the implementation guides will be based on the Common Information Model defined in the IEC 62325-301 and the "European style market profile", IEC 62325-351, providing core components for use in the relevant EDI documents.

ENTSO-E's contribution to the CIM on the one hand, relates to bringing member TSOs' and European electricity market requirements and use cases in general into the CIM; and on the other hand, to conducting the necessary interoperability (IOP) tests to ensure conformity of the standards with the business requirements.

For more information on the relevant work carried out in liaison with the IEC TC 57, on the IEC 62325 series of standards - CIM for Energy Markets, please click here.​

Please also find links to EMFIP (Transparency Platform) schema and REMIT schema:


​EDI Work Products Library
General Harmonised Electricity Role Model​ ENTSO-E's Core Components (ECC) and Code Lists ENTSO-E Market Data Exchange Standard (MADES)​​​
​ENTSO-E Scheduling System (ESS)

Process (ESP)

ENTSO-E Reserve 
Process (ERRP)

​​ENTSO-E Capacity
Allocation and 
Nomination (ECAN)


Document (EPSD)


ENTSO-E Status 
Request Document 

ENTSO-E HVDC Link Process ENTSO-E Critical Network Element Implementation Guide
ENTSO-E Common Information Model European Style Market Profile User Guide​
​​Balancing Publication Implementation Guide​ENTSO-E Generation and Load Shift Key Implementation guide​ENTSO-E Coding Schemes Mapping Implementation Guide​Weather Process Energy Prognosis Implementation Guide
CRAC implementation guide​CIM Contextor Tool​