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MAF 2019

Mid-term Adequacy Forecast 2019

Executive Summary

Presents the motivation of the MAF 2019, followed by the main adequacy results for the Base-Case scenarios for the target years 2021 and 2025.

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Appendix 1 – Detailed results, sensitivities and input data

Presents a closer look at the input data and the results of MAF 2019.

Appendix 1
Download Appendix 1 (PDF)
Appendix 2 – Methodology

Presents the main methodology followed in MAF 2019.

Appendix 2
Download Appendix 2 (PDF)
Appendix 3 – Country views on MAF 2019

Contains country-specific comments and relevant references to national and regional studies provided directly by the TSOs.

Appendix 3
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Summary slides of MAF 2019

Discover the key takeaways of MAF 2019.

Summary Slides
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Resource adequacy target methodologies
Teaser Methodology
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Input Data

The MAF study is built on several datasets, whereas a part of these is made available for the public. These datasets and detailed descriptions of preprocessed inputs can be accessed below.


ENTSO-E and the participating TSOs have followed ­accepted industry practice in the collection and analysis of available data. While all reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this data, ENTSO-E and the TSOs are not responsible for any loss that may be attributed to the use of this information. Prior to taking business decisions, interested parties are advised to seek separate and independent opinions with respect to topics covered by this report and should not rely solely upon data and information contained herein. Information in this document does not amount to a recommendation with respect to any possible investment. This document is not intended to contain all the information that a prospective investor or market participant may need.

ENTSO-E emphasises that ENTSO-E and the TSOs involved in this study are not responsible in the event that the hypotheses presented in this report or the estimations based upon these hypotheses are not realised in the future.