In order to respond to the many solicitations it receives for training on the European power system, ENTSO-E is organising as from March a global training programme called ‘Cooperation beyond membership’.\ This programme is opened to TSOs outside of ENTSO-E’s membership and to international business and institutional parties. So far, ENTSO-E is proud to welcome on the programme Ukrenergo (TSO in Ukraine), GSE (TSO in Georgia), and SAPP (TSO in South Africa).

This three-year programme consists of two blocks. A six-week online training on the European Energy transition: actors, factors, sectors delivered by ENTSO-E and the Florence School of Regulation. The objective being to provide participants with a fundamental literacy of the European power transition with respect to institutions in charge, policy trends, challenges and solutions.

The second block comprehends of a series of tailor-made workshops agreed between ENTSO-E and programme participants.

The ENTSO-E ‘Cooperation beyond membership’ programme materialises the growing interest for Europe’s energy transition and the role of TSOs in enabling this transition.