ENTSO-E expects Europe’s generation and consumption to be balanced even under severe conditions. In addition to available generation, ENTSO-E’s Summer Outlook points out the role of interconnections and considers demand response in ensuring Europe’s security of supply.

The methodology used in ENTSO-E’s seasonal outlooks is continuously updated to grasp as many risks as possible. This is ensured through a holistic approach to calculation as well as through the inclusion of a higher number of climate years in the risk assessment.

On top of seasonal pan-European adequacy assessment, transmission system operators make use of pan-European and regional week-ahead adequacy calculations carried out by the Regional Security Coordinators. All this concurs to mitigating risks in an ever-complex system.

The ENTSO-E Summer Outlook 2018 also looks at cases where excess in generation can create issues for the grid. On a windy night or a sunny Sunday, that is in situations with high variable generation and low demand, some generation curtailment may be needed in Ireland and in Southern Italy to maintain security of supply.

The level of hydro reservoirs requires attention throughout the summer and especially in the Alpine region. However, it is expected that the historically high levels of snow reserves in most of the Alps will, when melting, generate considerable inflows to the lakes. In Norway and Spain, the level of hydro reservoirs is also around average.

Review of the Winter 2017/2018

Last winter was mild and windy without any adequacy issues. Frequency deviation was experienced due to power imbalances in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro (SMM block) and specifically Kosovo . ENTSO-E calls for a political resolution of the dispute that caused the deviations so as to ensure a long-lasting solution to the problem. This will remain a focus area for the association in the course of 2018.

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