​Brussels 25 August 2017

In one of the world’s largest interconnected power market, the regional coordination of power networks is a must. Since 2008, electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) created regional security coordinators (RSCs). The newly published “Commission regulation establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation”, one of Europe’s eight electricity network codes, formalises this ongoing strategy. It enters into force in all EU member states mid-September.

The coordination is aimed at increasing capacity for markets, smartening system operation, strengthening security of supply, ​integrating more renewables and doing economies of scale. ENTSO-E however deplores that the package ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans” does not include any reference to regulatory and policy regional coordination which is essential in such a strategic industry.

ENTSO-E is stepping up its digital agenda as a lot of IT development is needed to implement the guideline on system operation as well as the other network codes. Among others, ENTSO-E must deliver a pan-European electricity data exchange system which is a building block to the further smartening of Europe’s power system.

Starting from 2017 onwards, ENTSO-E will team up with one of the RSCs on a new series of conferences on electricity regional coordination and the underlying IT and services. The first edition of the ELSEC series is scheduled on 17 October in Munich, home to the RSC ‘TSCNET’.

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