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Watch How Power Gets To Your Home

​Want to know how the power system works and what transmission system operators actually do? Eles (Slovenia), National Grid (the UK), Tennet NL (The Netherlands) and Terna (Italy) show you why transmission system operators are really at the heart of the power system.

Together with distribution system operators, TSOs make the link between electricity producers and consumers. They make the energy transition happen. They are developing new technologies to adapt our electricity system to a more and more variable generation and demand. Discover in images one of the most fascinating infrastructure system of our times.

Eles gives us an overview of the key roles fulfilled by an electricity transmission system operator.

TenneT shows how transmission system operators are responding to the challenge of connecting new renewable generation to existing transmission networks

Terna explains the role of a national control centre and how it manages and balances the electricity system.

National Grid explains the key challenges and opportunities facing electricity transmission system operators in the future including interconnection, changing demand patterns and the development of new technologies.

Finally this last video from National Grid provides for a very good overview of the physics behind electricity. How this electricity is made, the kinds of resources used and how this is then eventually transported to your home.