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Former Associations

ENTSO-E is proud to continue the long history of successful TSO coordination work by 6 predecessor associations. The different committees, working groups and, task forces have transferred their work into the current ENTSO-E structure where the well-established work will continue, and also be enhanced through ENTSO-E's pan-European perspective.

The data and documents of the ENTSO-E predecessor associations have been integrated into the ENTSO-E website. Below we list the main resources of their websites and where to find them on the ENTSO-E Website.



Baltso Resources



ETSO Resources


  • Publications show
    Annual Reports, Forecasts + System Adequacy and Interconnection studies.
  • Baltic Grid Map show
    Map and information on the Baltic grid
  • Electronic Data Interchange show
    All information of the former ETSO TF 14 EDI, including EIC Codes and local EIC issuing offices.

  • Net Transfer Capacity show
    Indicative values for NTC, the NTC Matrix and BCE Maps.

  • Publications / Position Papers show
    All ETSO publications including position papers on various topics.


Nordel Resources



UCTE Resources


  • Planning show
    Nordic Grid Master Plan 2008, Multiregional planning project report (Nordel - UCTE - Baltso), Power and Energy balances, Nordic Grid Code

  • Operations show
    System Operation Agreement, Principles for the common Nordic outage planning, Principles for determining the transfer capacity in the power market, Fault Statistics
  • Market show
    Guidelines for implementation of transitional peak load arrangements, Proposed principles for common balance management, Description of balance regulation in the Nordic countries
  • Annual Statistics show
    Statistical publications.
  • Annual Reports show
    The Nordel Annual Reports.
  • Publications show
    Statistical Yearbook, Annual Report, Memo, Monthly Statistics, System Adequacy ...

  • Operation Handbook show
    The UCTE Operation Handbook.

  • Statistical Database show
    Direct queries to the UCTE Statistical Database with CSV Export.

  • UCTE Grid Map show
    The UCTE / Nordel Grid Map - as online application and for print order.