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ENTSO-E Publishes and Submits the Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid Development Projects

Published: 15/11/2013


Regulation (EU) 347/20131 requires ENTSO-E to publish a methodology, covering network and market modelling, for a harmonised European energy system-wide cost-benefit analysis for Projects of Common Interest (PCI). Continuous input from stakeholders has guided the development of the ENTSO-E CBA Methodology. In compliance with the Regulation, ENTSO-E has conducted an extensive consultation process on the CBA Methodology through bilateral meetings and public workshops, as well as direct interactions with Member States, the EC and ACER, and with the ENTSO-E’s Long-Term Network Development Stakeholders’ Group, which focuses on the Ten-Year Network Development Plan process (TYNDP). From 3 July to 15 September 2013, ENTSO-E ran a public consultation on the CBA Methodology as set out in Art. 11 of Regulation 347/2013 and the CBA Methodology was further improved. An assessment of all the feedback provided during the consultation can be downloaded from the links below. On November 15 2013, ENTSO-E submitted the CBA Methodology to Member States, the European Commission and ACER for their reasoned opinion in line with the timing set by Article 11 of Regulation (EC) 347/2013. Following final approval of this document by the Commission, ENTSO-E will apply the CBA Methodology for the preparation of subsequent TYNDP releases, as prescribed by the Regulation. The ongoing work in the TYNDP 2014 development is already based on the last updated version of the “ENTSO-E Guideline for Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid Development Projects”. For more information on the CBA Methodology drafting process and Regulation (EU) 347/2013, please see the links below. Related links: