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Making the energy transition possible - All network codes approved – Celebration event coming up

Published: 16/03/2017


Today member states approved the last of the eighth network codes – the Balancing Guideline.

Foreseen under the Third Energy Package, the network codes are a new and now complete rulebook for the power system aimed at enabling more renewables and integrating markets.

“We are very proud to have contributed to developing these innovative regulations ‘made-in-Europe’ that could very well inspire other parts of the world. There is now a big effort ahead of us which is implementation. ACER, the ENTSOs and the Commission as well as stakeholders will need to work hand in hand to ensure success”, commented Laurent Schmitt, ENTSO-E’s Secretary General.

The Balancing Guideline sets out the rules for a competitive and cross border market for electricity balancing. The aim is to reduce grid cost and allow cleaner sources like renewables and demand response to play their part.

“Network codes pave the way to the active customer & renewables’ era. Large parts of the Clean Energy Package can actually already be achieved through the implementation of network codes”, concludes Laurent Schmitt.

ENTSO-E plans a series of actions to disseminate the codes and their potential to a larger audience including at national level. Among others an online training is being set up together with the Florence School of Regulation.

A common event by the European Commission, ACER and the ENTSOs is in preparation for beginning of May.

More details to come on www.entsoe.eu in the coming days.

About Network Codes

Network codes are divided in three ‘families’. The connection codes –rules to connect more renewables and demand response; the operational codes –rules to advance grid coordination & optimisation; and the market codes –rules to integrate markets and make them renewables- and demand response-fit.