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ENTSO-E Assembly decides to set up an independent Advisory Council

Published: 08/03/2016


ENTSO-Es Assembly has decided today to set up an independent Advisory Council. The European Network of Transmission System Operators is growing as the internal electricity market progresses. This comes with strict obligations in terms of openness and interaction with stakeholders.

The European Commission, the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament, trade federations like Eurelectric, IFIEC, EFET and associations like BEUC have been invited to appoint a representative. One member will represent the EU renewables’ associations and another the four European representations of distribution system operators. Finally, a seat will be taken by one non-governmental association.

“We are serious about transparency. With the Advisory Council our main partners have an additional channel to feedback on whether our plan and course of action do indeed support a European, system and customer view”, commented Bente Hagem, Chair of the Board. She also insists that the Council will give opinions on whether ENTSO-E’s annual work programme and key products actually contribute to the energy transition and the innovation push linked to it.

The Council shall meet twice a year. It will elect its own Chair. ENTSO-E’s President or Vice-President, the Chair of the Board and the Secretary-General will seat in the Council without any voting right. The Council will not have any binding powers but will advise the ENTSO-E Board and Assembly on the association’s work programme and achievements. Its findings and recommendations will be made public.

The first meeting of the Council is planned for September. The terms of references of the advisory council are available on ENTSO-E’s website.

Terms of Reference