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Implementation of network codes boosts integration of Europe's power markets

Published: 17/02/2017

Sixteen transmissions system operators (TSOs) are cooperating to create a Core capacity calculation region that will cover most of continental Europe. In this Core region they will adopt common methodologies to calculate and optimise cross-border transmission capacity. This will ease cross-border trade without endangering security of supply. This important move towards an integrated energy market was made possible by the EU network codes - a European code of conduct for the power system that is about to be completed this year with new rules on the Balancing market.

The sixteen TSOs are building on the development of a common day-ahead flow-based capacity calculation methodology in the Core CCR; a project started in March 2016. The TSOs will also design and implement common capacity calculation methodologies for intraday and long-term time-frames. Also, the Core Project will develop a common methodology for coordinated redispatching and countertrading to effectively relieve congestions within the interconnected transmission network.

The creation of a Core region is in line with a decision by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

Stakeholders are consulted throughout and can find more information on the project roadmap below and on the Core CCR project page.