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Forward Capacity Allocation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This section contains information relevant for the implementation of the EU Regulation on forward capacity allocation - the FCA Regulation.

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06/03/2017 - All TSOs’ proposal for a revised Generation and Load Data Provision Methodology and a revised Common Grid Model Methodology released for public consultation

Following the drafting of the Generation and Load Data Provision Methodology (GLDPM) and the Common Grid Model Methodology (CGMM) required by Article 16 and Article 17, respectively, of Regulation 2015/1222 by “All TSOs”, the GLDPM was approved by “All NRAs” on 11 January 2017. The CGMM is in the process of being resubmitted by each TSO to its NRA following the incorporation of changes set out in the NRAs’ amendment request of 11 January 2017.

Article 17 and Article 18, respectively, of Regulation 2016/1719 set out additional requirements with respect to the GLDPM and the CGMM which the drafting team has now incorporated into the documents. The revised GLDPM (GLDPM-v2) and revised CGMM (CGMM-v2) have now been approved for public consultation by “All TSOs” and are available from the ENTSO-E consultations hub.

GLDPM-v2 Consultation CGMM-v2 Consultation

Whereas Regulation 2015/1222 addresses the day-ahead and intraday capacity calculation time-frames, Regulation 2016/1719 covers long-term time-frames (month-ahead, year-ahead). As far as the two Methodologies are concerned, the additional time-frames do not fundamentally alter the structure and content of the documents, but they do require some modifications clearly shown as “tracked changes” in the consultation documents.

Since the revision of the CGMM is based on the assumption that the amended CGMM (amended in the light of the NRAs’ amendment request) will be approved without additional modifications, the amended CGMM is provided in parallel with the CGMM-v2 as background material (both with tracked changes as well as with all changes having been accepted; a summary of the changes made is also made available).

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