ENTSO-E Aisbl is the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. ENTSO-E coordinates the cross-border system operations, system development and electricity market activities of the 43 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) which cover 36 countries. ENTSO-E is assigned important tasks in EU legislation, including the development of Europe-wide electricity network development plans, and of more than 10 network codes which themselves become binding European laws.

The ENTSO-E Secretariat in Brussels is the focal point for technical, market and policy questions for all European TSOs in their cooperation with each other, in their joint fulfilment of their legal mandates, and in the intensive interactions with European Commission, regulatory agencies, associations representing network users and other stakeholders. The role of the TSOs and their cooperation in ENTSO-E is crucial to ensuring security of supply; completing the largest and most competitive electricity market in the world; and successfully integrating large volumes of renewable energy into the system. ENTSO-E applies a project-aligned method of working. This covers the business case, well-defined scope and deliverables, clear roles for decision making and controlling responsibilities and plans for resources, quality and risk management.

The scope and diversity of ENTSO-E’s work has grown rapidly and is expected to grow further with implementation of network codes and the current challenging energy policy discussions.

About CEP

The Clean Energy Package [CEP] is a new set of rules aimed to update the European energy policy framework in order to facilitate the transition away from fossil fuels towards cleaner energy and to deliver on the EU’s Paris Agreement commitments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The new energy rule book marks a significant step towards the implementation of the energy union strategy, adopted in 2015. ENTSO-E is aligned with the objectives of the Clean Energy Package, which are to foster sustainable growth, improve market design while guaranteeing transparency and accessibility, to ensure the increase of the penetration of renewable energies and to promote energy efficiency.

The scope and diversity of ENTSO-E’s responsibilities have grown rapidly and are expected to grow further with implementation of the recent EU Clean Energy Package that includes EU Electricity Regulation 2019/943. Within the package, strong emphasis has been given to European Resource Adequacy Assessments – the major area of responsibility for this position posting.

The successful candidate will enhance her/his knowledge of the European electric sector and apply her/his knowledge to contribute to the development of the European Energy Union and especially the implementation of the Clean Energy for All European Package. Building upon her/his profile, she/he will receive complementary trainings related to data, modelling, and project management. The Clean Energy Package [CEP] entered into force on 4 July 2019.

General position description

The successful applicant would have a key role in the transformation of the European energy market. More specifically she/he will primarily contribute to the implementation of the 1 to 10-year ahead European Resource Adequacy Assessment (ERAA), based on the requirements of the Article 23 of EU Regulation 2019/943. ERAA will enhance and replace the current annual Mid-term Adequacy Forecast.

The successful candidate will work full-time at ENTSO-E offices in Brussels. She/he will join the Adequacy Team, within the System Development department comprise of about 15 permanent staff (including some secondments from Member TSOs). She/he will also interact and cooperate with staff from other departments within ENTSO-E, as well as with member TSOs and other stakeholders, to facilitate consistent market modelling and resource adequacy procedures and methodologies within ENTSO-E and its members. The Adequacy Team oversees preparation of adequacy assessments, covering time frames from several months ahead (Seasonal Outlooks) to several years ahead (currently Mid-term Adequacy Forecast).

Moreover, the successful candidate will have a chance to substantially enhance its language and communication skills within a truly multi-cultural and multi-stakeholder environment, thus opening attractive career paths for further professional development.

The position is either open for a permanent position or long-term secondments from TSOs Members

Responsibilities and tasks

The successful candidate will especially contribute to following tasks (while not restricted to them):

  • Implement a state-of-the-art Pan-European probabilistic market model and contribute to its improvements.

  • Analyse and interpret the results obtained, and disseminate them in clear and concise presentations and reports. Ensure appropriate quality of products and harmonisation of messages with ENTSO-E strategy.

  • Manage interactions among ENTSO-E teams regarding data collections, data checks and central data handling and overall preparation and maintenance of the data sets. Contribute to innovations for further improving granularity and robustness of the datasets.

  • Support ENTSO-E by ensuring timely delivery and quality of work products and policies, as well as follow-through and implementation involving members and external resources.

  • Interact with European Stakeholders, e.g., ACER and the European Commission, as required.

  • Travel for ENTSO-E business, as required.


  • University degree, preferably in electrical engineering or energy engineering. Knowledge in economics would be a plus.

  • Working knowledge of simulation and/or optimisation software tools, (e.g., Plexos, BID3, GAMS), ideally applied to electricity market modelling and Monte Carlo simulations. General knowledge in electric network modelling could be a plus.

  • Experience in management and analysis of complex datasets using such software tools as MS Excel, Python, R, or similar.

  • Project Management skills.

  • Familiarity with the energy sector.

  • Interest in coordination and facilitating consensus.

  • Fluent in English, including writing and presentation skills.

  • Motivation to work in a multi-cultural environment and to contribute to the European Energy Union.