The ENTSO-E Secretariat in Brussels is the focal point for technical, market and policy questions for all European TSOs in their European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. ENTSO-E coordinates the cross-border system operations, system development and electricity market activities of the 43 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) which cover 36 countries. ENTSO-E is assigned important tasks in EU legislation, including the development of Europe-wide electricity network development plans, and of more than 10 network codes which themselves cooperation with each other, in their joint fulfilment of their legal mandates, and in the intensive interactions with European Commission, regulatory agencies, associations representing network users and other stakeholders. The role of the TSOs and their cooperation in ENTSO-E is crucial to ensuring security of supply; completing the largest and most competitive electricity market in the world; and successfully integrating large volumes of renewable energy into the system.

ENTSO-E applies a project-aligned method of working. This covers the business case, well-defined scope and deliverables, clear roles for decision making and controlling responsibilities and plans for resources, quality and risk management.

The scope and diversity of ENTSO-E’s work has grown rapidly and is expected to grow further with implementation of network codes and the current challenging energy policy discussions.

General position description

The successful candidate will work in the ENTSO-E Secretariat in Brussels, report directly to the Long Term prospective team leader, be part of the Secretariat’s System Development section comprise of about 25 permanent staff (including some secondments from Member TSOs). He/she will be directly integrated in the TYNDP team and will be responsible for the “content and communication pole of the project”. He/she will also contribute to other tasks in the TYNDP preparation, depending on profile.

Specific responsibilities and tasks

  • Prepare, maintain and implement a communication plan around the long-term system development activities

  • Coordinate the delivery by experts, editors and working groups of reports or other documents that support the key messages pushed forward by ENTSO-E, present the main conclusions of the TYNDP studies and explain transparently how results are obtained. Make sure that the reports are adapted to their targeted audience (specialized or not), look good and are user friendly.

  • Be a force for proposals on reports content, contribute to the drafting tasks

  • Be responsible for organising all public consultations, and coordinating our response to consultation comments

  • Be the single point of contact for project promoters applying to the TYNDP. Communicate with all project promoters on the project, the promoters requirements, and the project results. Oversee the response to project promoters request

  • Prepare other communication material about the project, its key messages and results, including slide decks. Coordinate the delivery of additional material (data visualisation, videos, maps, etc) with external providers.

  • Coordinate with ENTSO-E web team the preparation of the TYNDP platform, and its evolution towards a full European future electricity platform with user friendly enhancements

  • Depending on profile and interest of the candidate, participate to the following tasks: delivery of TYNDP studies results, institutional relationships (EC and ACER), development of IT tools, etc)


  • University degree in engineering, economics, law, policy, communication or other relevant field

  • Proven interest in both the energy sector, and communication or European affairs. Multi-disciplinary profiles able to handle strategy and communication in a technical context would be appreciated.

  • Motivation to work in a multi-cultural environment and to contribute to the European Energy Union. Understanding of the institutional set up related to energy is a plus.

  • Experience in long term prospective or the development of energy infrastructure is a plus

  • Interest in coordination and facilitating consensus. Fluent in English. Excellent writing and presentation skills.

  • Experience in working with excel. Experience with more advanced data system is a plus

  • Project Management

  • Business Acumen

  • Stakeholder Management