In the framework of the development of TYNDP 2022, ENTSO-E will hold an online workshop on 12 May 2021 (10:00-13:00, Brussels time) to present and discuss the principles based on which the TYNDP 2022 Cost-Benefit Analysis Implementation Guidelines will be developed.

About the TYNDP Implementation Guidelines

The TYNDP specific Implementation Guidelines for the project assessment provide complementary information on the respective ENTSO-E guidelines for cost benefit analysis: for each new edition of the TYNDP, ENTSO-E develops ‘Implementation Guidelines’ that specify in further details how the CBA Guideline is to be implemented in this edition of the TYNDP. As required by the 3rd ENTSO-E Guideline For Cost-Benefit Analysis of Grid Development Projects (3rd CBA Guideline), that has been sent to the European Commission for approval in March 2021, for the first time the Implementation Guidelines for the TYNDP 2020 have been made public together with the TNYDP 2020 package (including the need to be subject of the public consultation).

Based on stakeholders’ feedback on the TYNDP 2020 Implementation Guidelines and previous TYNDPs, ENTSO-E analysed the lessons learned and will use them as basis for the work on the TYNDP 2022 edition in compliance with the 3rd CBA Guideline.

Scope of the webinar

Starting with a summary on well-established and in TYNDP 2020 new introduced methodologies for the project assessment, ENTSO-E will give an overview on the main planned additions and improvements for the TYNDP 2022. For the latter ones, additional discussions aim for receiving direct feedback from the workshop participants.

The agenda will cover the methodologies and indicators applied to the TYNDP 2022 project assessment, the setting of their development and the planned next steps.

The main areas for improvement in the TYNDP 2022 Implementation Guidelines are the following:

• inclusion of the Interlinked Model;

• development of a methodology for the assessment of “Hybrid Projects”;

• assessment of projects’ commissioning years;

• available project-level indicators in TYNDP 2022.

The Agenda is now available here. Please find here the link to register.