The 32 % Renewables Target in the EU will translate into more than 50% of Renewables in the power system. Storage is seen here as one of the most important and most promising answers in the flexibility rebus that engineer need to decipher. What does storage encompass? What are facts on storage learning curves? Is storage still too expensive? How much flexibility could it provide? What examples demonstrate the value of storage? What about e-mobility, batteries and rare earth?

This webinar will explore the world of storage and provide answers to these questions. Sign up!


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This webinar is organised by ENTSO-E Business Network for Innovation, which is creating new ecosystem of energy transition players, centering around innovation, and driven by a business perspective. With this, ENTSO-E seeks to advance on the urgent questions of our time and to contribute to the shortening of the time from idea to market. Find more information and join the network here!

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28 February 2019, 12:30 - 13:50