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Information for Data Providers


​​​​This page provides additional information for data providers of the ENTSO-E Central Information Transparency Platform which may not be available in the Manual of Procedures.


Technical Documentation


​Version / Release

​Service Introduction Plan V1.R0
​Interoperability Test Specification V1.R0
​​​Implementation Guide corrigenda V5.R0
​Administration Guide V2.R6​
Business Requirements Specification Corrigendum ​V1.R0
​ENTSO-E Transparency XML Schema UseV1.R0
​​ ​XSD 17/10/14
​ ​ECP Integration Guide V1.R12
​Data Consumer Integration Guide​V1.5.3​​
​Test Data V38​​

Transparency Workshops for Data Providers




​09/09/2014​Second Presentations
​30/01/2014​First ​Presentations

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For any further questions, please contact transparency@entsoe.eu​