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Voluntary Regional Group Northern Europe

The members of the Voluntary Regional Group Northern Europe (VRG NE) are the following TSOs:

The Group concentrates its efforts on the joint operation and security of the Nordic synchronous system and the northern part of the synchronous system of Continental Europe with focus given on any impact that High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnectors may have on these systems.

The tasks of the Group include, among others, all operational issues related to the HVDC interconnectors between the Nordic and Continental European synchronous areas to ensure the optimal use of the links with special focus on system security issues and market operation.

The Group proposes harmonised operation standards/codes for the operation of HVDC links either in the form of system operation agreements or multilateral agreements or as a general framework for bilateral agreements. It supports the implementation of operational codes for the links, cooperates with the owner of the interconnectors, which are not owned by the TSOs, and develops the transmission system to the future demand related to the integration of renewable energy sources in co-operation with other regional groups.

The Group specifically works on aspects concerning the HVDC interconnectors themselves and aspects concerning the system operation.

The Group further deals with legal issues related to HVDC interconnectors, such as owner relations and formal agreements, common operational agreements. Technical parameters (data, capacity and ramping, transmissions margins, handling of losses), and information exchange (content and format, time resolution of plans, aspects concerning the system operation) are also within the remit of the Group’s responsibilities.

When it comes to system operation, the Voluntary Regional Group Northern Europe focuses on operational planning (outage planning procedures, outage planning system, procedures for information exchange, operational information system), operational use of transfer capacities (exchange of ancillary services, system protection services, regional determination of transfer capacities), and a toolbox with countermeasures for n-1 disturbances (operational procedures for disturbances, extension of rescheduling in closed loop, emergency assistance and services, awareness system).