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Steering Group Operations reports to the System Operations Committee about relevant issues within the various RGs, RSCIs and coordinated balancing areas (COBAs). Steering Group Operations act as the single point of contact for all operational issues and tasks raised by ENTSO-E Assembly, ENTSO-E Board and System Operations Committee, which are defined in the Network Codes.

The main fields of activities of Steering Group Operations are operational planning, operational security, and frequency control.

Steering Group Operations contributes to defining and updating technical and operational standards as well as developing proposals for harmonization of operational standards on pan-European level and therefore promotes operational coherence among regions and synchronous areas.

Steering Group Operations promotes the evolution of existing operational processes and applications to cope with the day-to-day challenges of operation. Steering Group Operations coordinates operational tasks within its substructure to ensure efficient and effective use of the scarce resources of experts.

Steering Group Operations ensures the implementation of new concepts developed by Steering Group Strategy and decided by System Operations Committee to meet the challenges of continuous change in operational, organisational and technological as well as regulatory and social aspects of Transmission System Operation.