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Working Group Electronic Highway

The electronic highway is a meshed router network (separate from the internet) connecting the European TSOs, and is designed for real-time and non-real-time data exchange between them. Today, the electronic highway covers the fields of exchange of real-time data and non real-time data related to grid operation, and of market related data.

The Working Group​ Electronic Highway (WG EH) coordinates the usage and extension of the electronic highway in order to provide a secure and reliable information exchange for system operations throughout Europe. The WG EH also works on general needs in terms of exchange of data among TSOs (type of data to be exchanged, parties authorised to access the electronic highway, new and future needs in terms of exchange of data…), and maintains standards to facilitate the data exchange for operational purposes.

Furthermore, the working group monitors the usage of the highway, promotes its secure and efficient operation, coordinates its maintenance, supports the extension of connections and services, and analyses and proposes solutions based on new communication technologies.