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Network Modeling and Data

The European transmission grid currently faces fundamental challenges to implement the Internal Electricity Market, to integrate very significant volumes of new generation, including fluctuating renewable generation, and to undertake the investments required to replace existing assets and create adequate transport capacity between generation and consumption areas.

In order to assess grid reinforcement requirements on a consistent basis, ENTSO-E members are preparing network models to be used by Regional Groups and the WG TYNDP to perform the required studies as well as to improve TSOs’ long term co-ordinated planning. Key issues currently under development by the WG Network Modeling and Data are:

  • The creation and development of Power System Models for 2020: winter and summer peak, summer off-peak (Scenario 20/20/20);
  • The preparation of procedures for implementing market cases in network models.
For more information on network modeling and data, please contact Dario Frazzetta: dario.frazzetta@entsoe.eu