Publication of GLDPM-related data pursuant to Article 16(6) of Regulation 2015/1222

Article 16(6) of Regulation 2015/1222 sets out the obligation for ENTSO-E to publish “[n]o later than two months after the approval of the generation and load data provision methodology by all regulatory authorities” the following information:

“(a) a list of the entities required to provide information to the TSOs [under the GLDPM];

(b) a list of the information referred to in paragraph 3 to be provided [paragraph 3 stipulates that the GLDPM “shall specify the information to be provided by generation units and loads to TSOs” and it sets out minimum requirements in this respect];

(c) deadlines for providing information.”

In order to ensure that this obligation is respected, Article 18(2) of the GLDPM requires each TSO, “[b]y one month after the approval of the [GLDPM]”, to complete the following tasks:

“(a) inform the entities required to provide data about the information they are required to provide as well as the deadlines for providing the information;

(b) forward the information set out in (a) to ENTSO-E;

(c) prepare draft implementation rules on the practicalities of data provision specifying, for example, data formats and technical requirements with respect to the IT implementation of the data provision process in accordance with the procedures applicable under national law. Each TSO shall ensure that these implementation rules make use of existing infrastructure and data delivery processes to the extent possible and it shall allow sufficient time for implementation; where appropriate TSOs shall also provide clarification on definitions and other guidance as may be required.”

In keeping with the GLDPM’s guiding principle that “[e]ach TSO shall have the right but not the obligation to obtain (…) data”, set out in Article 3(1) of the GLDPM, for the time being only a subset of TSOs decided to request data under the GLDPM. The following TSOs provided their GLDPM data requirements to ENTSO-E by the deadline of 11 February 2017:

  • 50HzT (DE)
  • Amprion (DE)
  • (DK)
  • Svenska Kraftnät (SE)
  • TenneT TSO B.V. (NL)
  • TenneT TSO GmbH (DE)
  • TransnetBW (DE)

As required by Article 16(6) of Regulation 2015/1222, ENTSO-E is publishing the information provided by TSOs:

Download GLDPM data requirements as provided by TSOs

In addition, APG (AT), Elering (EE), Elia (BE), Fingrid (FI), NGET (GB), and RTE (FR) explicitly indicated that they would not seek to obtain data under the GLDPM for the time being.

The ENTSO-E Secretariat did not verify in detail the consistency of the data files submitted by TSOs with the GLDPM. Most of these data files were prepared in TSOs’ respective national languages or at least contained national language technical terms. ENTSO-E also would not have been able to assess with reasonable effort whether the assignment of different entities to different categories of data providers is accurate.

However, the following checks were completed and the data submissions were found to be satisfactory in this respect:

  • the deadline set out in Article 18(2) of the GLDPM was respected;
  • the files describe the information requested;
  • the files contain or refer to deadlines for providing the information.

When acknowledging receipt, ENTSO-E also reminded TSOs of their other obligations under Article 18(2) of the GLDPM.