ENTSO-E publishes today 18 RfG related implementation guidance documents

The Regulation (EU) 2016/631 of 14 April 2016 establishing a network code on requirements for grid connection of generators (RfG)mandated ENTSO-E to provide within six month of the entry into force of the this legislation, non-binding written guidance (IGDs) to its members and other system operators concerning the elements of this Regulation requiring national decisions.

The current publication represents the ENTSO-E delivery of the above legal requirement and includes 18 guidance documents as follows:

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What are the IGDs?

The non-binding guidances are documents which explain the technical issues, conditions and interdependencies which need to be considered when complying with the requirements of this Regulation at national level.

The objectives of the implementation guidance documents are:

  • to facilitate a common understanding of technical issues specified in the connection network codes, in context of new technologies and new requirements (e.g. synthetic inertia) to deliver broader explanations and background information and to illustrate interactions between requirements,
  • to recommend coordination/collaboration between network operators (TSO) where either explicitly required by the connection codes or reasonably exercised from a system engineering perspective,
  • to give guidance to national specifications for non-exhaustive requirements, and
  • to express the need of further harmonisation beyond what is requested by the CNCs when reasonable from a system engineering perspective.

How have IGDs been drafted?

The IGDs were drafted by ENTSO-E experts taking account of the input received from stakeholders during the process as follows:

  • 23 September 2015 workshop - stakeholders were informed of the intent to draft IGDs and gave their initial views on how they saw this being accomplished. They wished to be strongly involved in the process. Consequently ENTSO-E organised ahead of the entry into force of the codes:
  • A survey on Stakeholders’ priority issues for IGDs. This survey took place between 25 December 2015 and 22 January 2016​. As a result ENTSO-E has taken on board further topics for IGDs. The outcomes of the survey were presented in the workshop on 29 February.

  • A public stakeholder workshop on 29 February 2016 with the objective of defining the content of IGDs to address each of the priority issues previously identified. The outcomes can be accessed on the event site.
  • A public 1.5 month web-based consultation on the draft IGDs run between 1 July and 15 August 2016. ENTSO-E answers to the stakeholders’ comments can be accessed here.

  • A public stakeholder workshop on 13 September 2016 aimed at checking the ENTSO-Es understanding of the stakeholders’ consultation comments and to gather additional feasible suggestions.

  • Regular input and updates from stakeholders on their expectations for the IGDs and regular updates on the next steps within the European Connection codes Stakeholder committee.